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Course: Autodesk AutoCAD

Course Description

This module will introduce the students to the basic and advance techniques to solve drafting and design related problems. After the completion of this course, you will be able to use AutoCAD commands to make a drawing, create text, create and insert symbols, dimension a drawing, apply constraints to sketches, create blocks and dynamic blocks, and so on.

Class/Training Hours:

Prerequisites: Need to be an Engineer/Technologist/Graduate with knowledge of Geometry concepts.

Textbook: AutoCAD 2019: A Problem - Solving Approach, Basic and Intermediate, 25th Edition by Prof. Sham Tickoo and CADCIM Technologies, USA.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of the course, trainees/students will be able to:
  1. Create a basic 2D drawing in AutoCAD.
  2. Use of productivity tools.
  3. Plot a drawing.
Evaluation:There will be one exam that every trainee/student must pass with 75% or better score to get a certificate of completion from TIET.

Suggested Learning Approach

In this course, you will study individually or within a group of your peers. As you work on the course deliverables, you are encouraged to share ideas with your peers and instructor, work collaboratively on projects and team assignments, raise critical questions, and provide constructive feedback.

Detailed Course Outline

 Unit Heading   Unit Outcomes   Unit Topics
1. Introduction 
  • Upon completion of this unit, the students are expected to:
  • Starting AutoCAD.
  • AutoCAD screen component.
  • Starting a new drawing.
  • Saving work.
  • Close a drawing.
  • Introduction to AutoCAD and its role in various industries.
  • Why CAD preferred over manual drafting.
  • Difference between AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT.
  • Start, exit AutoCAD.
  • AutoCAD screen layout.
  • Application menu.
  • Introduction to various formats of file.
2. Getting started with AutoCAD
  • Coordinate system.
  • Basic drawing and editing commands.
  • Object selection method.
  • Absolute coordinate system.
  • Relative coordinate system.
  • Direct entry method.
  • Line and circle command.
  • Options and Properties.
  • Fence, WPolygon, CPolygon.
  • Erase command.
3. Start Advanced sketching and Editing-I.
  • Advanced Drawing commands.
  • Advanced Editing Commands.
  • Status bar.
  • Rectangle, Polygon command. 
  • Move, Copy, Offset, Rotate, Scale, Fillet, Chamfer.
  • Ortho, Snap, Object Snap and its setting.
4. Start Advanced sketching and Editing-II and drawing aids.
  • Advanced Drawing commands.
  • Advanced Editing Commands.
  • Layers introduction.
  • Ellipse ,Arc ,Construction line ,Ray, Multiple points ,Divide ,Measure Donut.
  • Mirror, Trim, Extend, Blend curves, Explode. Lengthen ,Align ,Break ,Break at Point, Join.
  • Creating new layer and assign color lineweight, linetype.
5. Start Advanced sketching and Editing-III and drawing aids.
  • Advanced Drawing commands.
  • Advanced Editing Commands.
  • Layers - II.
  • Polyline, Spline, Region, Revision cloud, wipeout, 3D Polyline, Helix.
  • Array, edit, Polyline and Spline.
  • On/Off ,freeze, Isolate/ Unisolate ,locking, Matching, merge layers.
6. Create and modify annotations.
  • Text.
  • Dimension.
  • Multileader.
  • Table.
  • Single line and Multiline text.
  • Linear, Aligned, Angular, Arc length, Radius, Diameter, Jogged, Ordinate.
  • Add, Remove, Align, and Collect Leader.
  • Insert and Modify table.
7. Concept of constraint and Tolerance.
  • Concept of constraint.
  • Geometric and Dimensional Constrain.
  • Concept of Tolerance.
  • Add Tolerance symbol in AutoCAD.
  • Under, Fully, Over constraint concepts.
  • Geometric constraint -Coincident, Collinear, Concentric, Fix, Parallel, Perpendicular , Horizontal, Vertical, Tangent , Smooth, Symmetric, equal.
  • Dimensional Constraint -Linear, Horizontal, Vertical, Aligned, Radius, Diameter, Angular.
  • Form and orientation tolerance.
8. Hatching
  • Concept of Hatch, gradient, Boundary.
  • Concept of annotative and Associative.
  • Hatch in geometry, around text, dimension and attributes.
  • Editing hatch.
9. Working with blocks and block attributes.
  • Concept of block.
  • Concept of block attributes.
  • Types of block.
  • Create Insert, and editing block.
  • Create and Insert WBLOCK.
  • Nested block.
  • Dynamic block.
  • Define, Insert, Manage, Editing block attributes.
10. Understanding external references and layout concept.
  • Concept of x-ref.
  • Model vs. Layout.
  • Plot/Print.
  • Attach, Detach, Bind option.
  • Viewport concept.
  • Plot and its settings.
11. Design center and Tool palettes concepts
  • Application of Design center in AutoCAD.
  • Design center for insert Blocks.
  • Create own Tool Palettes.
12. Practice/Test

Every trainee/student will make a portfolio (Binder) that will contain the following in the order listed:
  • Training completion certificate given to student by Tickoo Institute of Emerging Technologies(TIET)
  • Course syllabus
  • All assignments (Tutorials and Exercises)
  • Tests/Exams taken by the student
  • Any projects done in the class
  • A short summary by the student about how this training session has helped him/her
  • Membership certificate of “Emerging Technologies Club” with student’s picture
  • Class picture with the instructor
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