Adobe Photoshop CS6

Course: Adobe Flash CS6

Course Description
Get a running start with Adobe Flash Professional, and learn the concepts, tools, and techniques you'll need to create your own animations, web experiences, and mobile applications. Get a command over the fundamental skills you require to gain expertise over Adobe Flash. In our Adobe Flash training course, the students will learn the essentials of web animation and multimedia publishing.

Class and Lab Hours: 60 (30 Theory, 30 Lab)

Pre-requisites: Basic knowledge of Windows operating system.

Textbook: Adobe Flash Professional CS6 by Prof. Sham

Course Objectives:
Upon completion of the course, trainees/students will be able to:
  1. Plan an animated character with the potential for interesting animation and movements.
  2. Create an animated banner for web advertisement.
  3. Create communicative facial expressions and use symbols to manage and animate them efficiently.
  4. Hinge the body parts of animated characters and animate them with tweens and frame-by-frame animation to achieve convincing movement.
  5. Use "2.5D effect" to apply realistic three-dimensional movement to a two-dimensional character.
  6. Tell a compelling story with Flash animation and plan it effectively using storyboards and animatic.
  7. Sync an animated story to a soundtrack and sound effects.
  8. Incorporate advanced animation effects and interaction with props while polishing and finalizing a short animated Flash movie.
Evaluation: There will be one exam that every trainee/student must pass with 75% marks or more score to get a certificate of completion from TIET.

Suggested Learning Approach
In this course, you will study individually or within a group of your peers. As you work on the course deliverables, you are encouraged to share ideas with your peers and instructor, work collaboratively on projects and team assignments, raise critical questions, and provide constructive feedback.

Detailed Course Outline

 Unit Heading   Unit Topics
1. Introduction to Flash CS6
  • Creating new document
  • Saving a file
  • Opening a recently created project
  • Setting Preferences
  • Workspace
  • Brief information various panels
2. Interface Settings And Importing Files
  • How to import files in various ways
  • Importing still image
  • Importing a video
  • Importing Layered Photoshop files
3. Usage Of Various Panels
  • Discussion on various panels
  • Using panels
4. Converting Objects Into Symbols
  • Movie clip
  • Graphics
  • Button
5. Frames and Layers
  • Adding frames and layers
  • Removing frames and layers
  • Guide Layers
  • Distributing to Layers
  • Hide/Unhide and Lock/Unlock layers
6. Creating Animation
  • Adding frames and layers
  • Removing frames and layers
  • Guide Layers
  • Distributing to Layers
  • Hide/Unhide and Lock/Unlock layers
7. Adding Action Script 3.0
  • Interactivity using Scripts
8. Creating Interactive Applications
  • Linking sounds
  • Linking text and text boxes
  • External links
9. Working With Sound And Video
  • Adding sounds and video
10. Exporting and Publishing Flash Content
  • Exporting images
  • Exporting Animated GIF
  • Exporting video
  • Using toolkit of CreateJS

Every trainee/student will make a portfolio (Binder) that will contain the following in the order listed:
  • Training completion certificate given to student by TIET
  • Course syllabus
  • All assignments (Tutorials and Exercises)
  • Tests/Exams taken by the student
  • Any project done in the class
  • A short summary by the student about how this training session has helped him/her
  • Membership certificate of "Emerging Technologies Club" with student's picture.
  • Class picture with the instructor
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