Prof. Sham Tickoo

Prof. Sham Tickoo is currently working as a Professor at Purdue University, USA. He received MS in Industrial Technology (1989) from Northern Illinois University, Illinois, USA; MS in Industrial and Management Engineering (1980) from University of Iowa, Iowa City, USA; and BS in Mechanical Engineering (1974) from NIT, Srinagar, India. Before joining Purdue University in 1987, Prof. Tickoo has worked as a Design Engineer, Quality Control Engineer, and Software Developer.

Prof. Tickoo has authored/coauthored textbooks on several major CAD/CAE/Animation software packages like ANSYS, SolidWorks, CATIA, Pro/Engineer, NX, AutoCAD, Customizing AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, Solid Edge, 3ds Max, 3ds Max Design, Autodesk Inventor, Mechanical Desktop, and VIZ. In addition to North America, his textbooks have been translated and published in Russia, Japan, India, South Korea, and Serbia. These textbooks have brought unmatched pride and recognition to the Engineering Technology department and Purdue University. Prof. Tickoo has obtained over $24 Million software grant from ANSYS, IBM, and Siemens. He has also developed a web site that provides free teaching and learning resources to faculty and students. Since 1992, over half a million users have visited his website and are using the resources on a regular basis.

Prof. Tickoo is also the founder and president of CADCIM Technologies, USA. The company was established in 1992 and is involved with publishing, engineering consulting, software development, and training. In 2014, he started another company, "Tickoo Institute of Emerging Technologies" (TIET), that is mainly involved with training in India.

In 2003, Prof. Tickoo was awarded a US patent for one of his inventions "Self Adjusting Cargo Organizer for Vehicles". He is currently working on the design and fabrication of two new wind turbines that will significantly increase their power output and can be used to charge the batteries of an automobile.

Prof. Tickoo is actively involved in consulting and has served as a consultant to over fifty companies in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, California, and Canada. In 1988-90, Prof Tickoo developed a software package "SMLayout" that has been registered by Autodesk Inc. as a Third Party Software Product. This software package is currently being used by various companies in Canada and United States. SMLayout is written in the AutoLISP programming language. The drawings and engineering data generated by these programs contain intelligent vector information that can be downloaded to a CNC machine through a CAD/CAM interface. This software package addresses the needs of steel fabricators and manufacturers of sheet metal products.

He also developed a computer program "TSHELL”. The TSHELL program generates 2-dimensional contour of pressure vessel shells and the holes for intersecting pipes. This program interfaces with AutoCODE CNC software to cut the shape on a LASER or a CNC machine. The program automatically writes the variable values to a user defined file that can be used as input data for TSHELL program. The program also provides the dimensioning option that automatically dimensions the drawings of pressure vessel shell.

Regarding the educational philosophy, Prof. Tickoo believes that the educational institutions are substratum of any civilized society and the teachers play the most important role in dissipating the knowledge. If we flip through the pages of our history, there is not a single philosopher, artist, engineer, doctor, scientist, or politician who has not been through a school system and sought the blessing of their teachers. To enable the teachers to perform their job, we have to make sure that the faculty members are provided the latest tools and facilities that they need in teaching, research, and other related activities. He also believes that we should have a national incubator program that will nurture and train the aspiring university faculty to meet the challenges of teaching, research, and service. Also, the universities should be the major learning and research centers where values education is an important part of the curriculum.

Prof. Tickoo enjoys the nature and farming related activities. His hobbies include yoga, running, camping, and hiking.

"Each Student is unique and the teacher's role is to guide the students to achieve their educational and career goals. Besides academics, it is very important that the faculty members involve their students in research, product design and development, service, extracurricular and team building activities.""