Apr 2015
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  • Motion Capture: Digital Recording of Human Movement
  • Nanophotonic Coherent Imager: New Camera Chip for Producing Superfine 3-D Resolution
  • CLIP 3D Printing Technology: Obtaining Accurate and Faster 3D Prints
  • TIET Updates

Scientific discoveries and technological advancements these days are fast changing the world around us. From physics to medicine to biology, the scientific research has brought innovation that most people believed would never happen in their lifetime. The agricultural robot, brain mapping, neuromorphic chip, genome editing, 3D printers, drones, bio-engineered body parts, bionic eye for blinds, and numerous other developments are the result of continuing research in science and technology. These discoveries are bound to bring with them a myriad of new technologies and techniques that will only grow and improve with time to make the world a better place to live in.

Motion Capture: Digital Recording of Human Movement
Motion capture also referred to as MoCap is a process of digitally recording human movements. Once the motion is recorded, the motion capture data is mapped on a 3D software such as Maya or 3ds Studio Max.

You can use the captured data to move the digital character like the actor you recorded. The MoCap technology is extensively used in the Film and Gaming industries.

To know more about Motion Capture visit:


The motion capture technology is extensively used in the movie Avatar for mirroring emotions, see the following video:

Nanophotonic Coherent Imager: New Camera Chip for Producing Superfine 3-D Resolution
Imagine you need an almost exact copy of an object. Now imagine that you have a smartphone, take a snapshot of the object with its integrated 3-D imager, send it to your 3-D printer and within minutes, a replica accurate to within microns of the original object is reproduced. This feat may soon be possible because of a new, tiny high-resolution 3-D imager called Nanophotonic Coherent Imager.

For making an exact copy of an object using a 3D printer, you need a high resolution image with exact information of points in the object. In the images taken using regular camera, the pixels represent the intensity of light received from any specific point but has no information of the distance between the object and the camera. Contrary to it, the images created through the Nanophotonic Coherent Imager, compact yet highly accurate new device, has both the intensity and distance information. This image when sent to a 3D printer results into an accurate 3D model.

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CLIP 3D Printing Technology: Obtaining Accurate and Faster 3D Prints
CLIP (Continuous liquid interface production technology) is a new 3D printing technology that is 25-100 times faster than the technology available today. It works on harnessing the power of light and oxygen to cure a photosensitive resin. CLIP is a breakthrough technology that grows parts instead of printing them layer by layer. By carefully balancing the interaction of light and oxygen, CLIP continuously grows objects from a pool of resin. CLIP moves beyond the limitations of 3D printing to offer unprecedented speed, quality, and choice.

CLIP is a carefully managed chemical reaction process that is controlled with the help of some software. In this technology light solidifies the resin and oxygen keeps it from solidifying. Traditional 3D printing requires a repeated process of layer by layer approach of mechanical steps. In CLIP, the mechanical steps are eliminated by carefully balancing the light and oxygen to create any object.

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  • TIET joined hands with SRM University,Sonipat for establishing their CAD labs and also initiated for the Autodesk Certification Program in the University.

  • TIET in collaboration with Vinsys hosted the Train-the-trainer program on Revit Architecture at its corporate office premises.

  • TIET started Web and Graphic Design courses at its new center located in Sector-56, Gurgaon

  • TIET started offering evening classes for working professionals.
  • TIET has started providing 3D printing services.

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