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Apr 2016
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  • New CAD/CAM Tools Improve Efficiency in Multitasking Machining, Blade Machining, and Turbo Machinery
  • Solar Panel Turns Raindrops into Power
  • Future Roads to Dispense with Traffic Lights on Intersections
  • TIET Updates

Some part of our country face huge water crisis during summer, which affects not only the food security, economic growth, and livelihood but also puts public health at risk. The ground water that serve as vital buffer against the volatility of monsoon rains is depleting faster than it could be replenished through natural processes, primarily due to wasteful water use in agricultural and industrial purposes.

It has therefore become necessary to frame sustainable water management policies, create comprehensive program for public investment, enforce laws strictly, and introduce an effective program of self-regulatory water use so that the demand for safe drinking water is easily met and load on ground water is reduced.

New CAD/CAM Tools Improve Efficiency in Multitasking Machining, Blade Machining, and Turbo Machinery
Speeding up programming tasks on CAD/CAM software ranks at the top of machine shops' requirements when faced with making quality parts on a deadline. The more efficient a shop's toolpaths are, the less chance that any programming problems result in wasting very expensive machine time on the shop floor.

With some of the latest improvements in CAD/CAM software, machinists can add new techniques for creating toolpaths for the highly complex but versatile multitask machining (MTM) or multifunction machines that continue to gain converts. Many CAM packages also offer specialized features for cutting bladed parts, including the impellers and blisks used in the aerospace and automotive industries. Five-axis machining and usability enhancements to CAM and NC simulation software also are being added to most software packages.

The GibbsCAM- a machining software- has introduced 5-Axis MultiBlade and 5-Axis Advanced MultiBlade options that can help users machine parts with blades with greatly reduced machining times coupled with increased machining quality. Similarly, Mastercam includes Port Expert, specialized multiaxis programming for precision head porting that provides dramatically faster port programming and machining time, along with smoother toolpath motion.

Solar Panel Turns Raindrops into Power
An innovative solar panel technology could turn raindrops into electric power, according to scientists in China. The new solar cell design, which can be "triggered" by both rain and sun, is described in a paper published in the Angewandte Chemie journal. "All-weather solar cells are promising in solving the energy crisis," explain the scientists from Ocean University of China and Yunnan Normal University, noting that the technology combines an electron-enriched graphene electrode with a dye-sensitized solar cell. "The new solar cell can be excited by incident light on sunny days and raindrops on rainy days," they add. Dye-sensitized solar cells are thin-film photovoltaic cells that harness organic dye to absorb sunlight and produce electrons, thereby creating energy.

The new technology could guide the design of advanced all-weather solar cells, according to the scientists. The Science News Journal notes that, by using a thin layer of highly conductive graphene, the solar cell could effectively harness power from rain. The salt contained in rain separates into ions (ammonium, calcium and sodium), making graphene and natural water a great combination for creating energy. The water actually clings to the graphene, forming a dual layer (AKA pseudocapacitor) with the graphene electrons. The energy difference between these layers is so strong that it generates electricity.

Future Roads to Dispense with Traffic Lights on Intersections
According to an international team of researchers – who have been thinking rather hard about the topic – intersections of the future will likely have no traffic lights at all. This is assuming a future of self-driving cars and smart roadways where sensor-laden vehicles are in constant communication. In fact, the proposed system would require autonomous cars exclusively – no human drivers allowed.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the Swiss Institute of Technology (ETHZ), and the Italian National Research Council (CNR) have developed a plan called Light Traffic that's similar to slot-based management systems used in air traffic control.
Traffic intersections are particularly complex spaces, because you have two flows of traffic competing for the same piece of real estate. But a slot-based system moves the focus from the traffic flow level to the vehicle level. Ultimately, it's a much more efficient system, because vehicles will get to an intersection exactly when there is a slot available to them. When approaching an intersection, each self-driving vehicle requests access from a central traffic control system. Each vehicle is then assigned a specific time or slot in which it will pass through the intersection.

The full report, titled "Revisiting Street Intersections Using Slot-Based Systems." was published in the online journal PloS ONE.

  • TIET has started new courses -- 'Mastering IT Skillls' and 'Spoken English'

  • TIET is running classes on spoken English. The new batch will start soon.

  • TIET conducted load analysis of a structure for Donaldson, India.

  • TIET provided training on MX Raod V8i at NITTTR college, Chandigarh.

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