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Dec 2015
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  • Cool Roofs: A Hot Idea for Energy Efficiency
  • Researchers at IIT-M develop Data Assimilation Technique to Predict Cyclones Accurately
  • Smart Street Lighting System
  • TIET Updates

Solar power is the buzzword today. From United Nations to Business world, everybody is having a word on it. The ever-increasing demand for more power and the fast depleting conventional power resources has lead forward thinking minds to harness solar power in more innovative ways. One such attempt is to use brackish water for drinking and irrigation purposes.

A team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Jain Irrigation Systems have come up with a method of turning brackish water into drinking water using renewable energy. With parts of the planet running dangerously low on fresh water, this technology can't come soon enough. The photovoltaic-powered electro-dialysis reversal system employs a solar-powered machine to pull salt out of water and to disinfect the water with ultraviolet rays, making it suitable for irrigation and drinking. Desalination of water to solve the planet's fresh water worries isn't a new idea nor is the concept of solar-powered desalination, it hasn't taken off because it's expensive and requires a lot of energy. However, in recent years, the cost of desalinized water has come down significantly and is comparable in price to conventional water sources.

Researchers at IIT–M develop Data Assimilation Technique to Predict Cyclones Accurately
Weather forecast has been a tricky business and getting it wrong might sometimes prove dangerous. To reduce the window of mistakes and to improve the accuracy of forecasts, researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology-Madras are developing a technique called data assimilation technique.

At IIT–M, researchers collect data from ground-based doppler weather radars and from multiple satellites like tropical rainfall-measuring mission, a Nasa satellite, Megha-tropiques, an Indian satellite, and INSAT3D. These satellites have radiation detectors and scanning mechanism that identify visible, infrared or microwave radiation emanating from the land and ocean.

This ensemble of data is run in Weather Research and Forecasting model, a next generation numerical weather prediction system. They fed the data into supercomputer VIRGO, along with experts' inputs on weather systems over the years to correct errors. The forecast can be done for 7 days, but reliability is high for up to 3 days.When IIT-M researchers analysed the 2010 tropical cyclone Jal to evaluate the capability of their technique, they found that with the numerical model, they improve prediction by up to 35% for a 24-hour forecast and up to 12% for a 54-hour forecast. The numerical-based weather forecast system has a 60-70%prediction accuracy.

Smart Street Lighting System
Los Angeles will become the world's first city to introduce a smart street lighting system, featuring connected LEDs and fully-integrated 4G LTE wireless technology.

In a collaboration between Dutch tech and well-being firm Philips and Swedish telco Ericsson, the SmartPole project aims to deliver LA citizens high quality public lighting which is energy efficient and improves network performance in urban areas. The SmartPole introduces an extra benefit–improved mobile wireless connectivity, with small cell technology housed in each light and connected via a fibre link to the core network which thereby increases data capacity on the streets.

By the close of this week, a total of 24 SmartPoles will be installed across the Hollywood area. The city plans to place 100 poles over the coming year, with a further 500 to follow.

Cool Roofs: A Hot Idea for Energy Efficiency
We generally do not take much care of the roof until it starts leaking. However, when the replacement time comes, you might consider doing something cool.For a home, a traditional black or gray roof does a good job of keeping the rain off, but it also absorbs sunlight and heat.

That's why it might pay to go with a “cool roof” -- a roof that is lighter in colour and reflects the heat back into the atmosphere.
Cool roofs are made of either light coloured asphalt shingles or slightly different materials. And depending upon location, you can get a cool roof installed on your home for just a little more extra cost per square foot.

But not everyone should rush to buy one because in cooler regions you might not want such roofs as you would not like the roof to reflect heat in the winter months. But, if you are in warmer regions, a cool roof is probably going to work for you as it would save you on the money spent on cooling the house.

  • TIET introduces 1 year Post Graduate Certificate Program for BE/B. Tech in Mechanical/Production/ Civil/Architecture/Plan or equivalents. The program will start from July 2016. For more information, click NEW INITIATIVES tab on our website www.tiet.in

  • Under its BIM Awareness Program initiative, TIET conducted BIM awareness program at K.R. Mangalam University for the students of 2nd Year (B. Arch course). For more information, click here.

  • TIET in association with Alerion Technologies, Chandigarh conducted a workshop on Bentley STAAD Pro and STAAD Foundationat NITTTR Chandigarh (An institution dedicated to training Faculty of Engineering Colleges and Polytechnics) for its faculty of Civil Engineering who are also undergoing M.Tech in Construction Technology and Management. For more information, click here.

  • With the objective of educating the students of Mechanical Engineering (undergoing B.Tech. courses) about the need of CAD/CAM/CAE technology in the manufacturing industry or product industry, TIET (Gurgaon and Karol Bagh) conducted an awareness program at the Delhi Technical Campus. For more information, click here.

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CADCIM announces the release of Autodesk Maya 2016: A Comprehensive Guide, 8th Edition... More

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