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Jul 2015
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  • Wind and Solar Power Homes
  • Soon Your Cracked Smartphone Screen Will Be Able To Repair Itself
  • New Horizons' Hi-Resolution Images Reveal Geologically Active Pluto
  • TIET Updates

An unmanned NASA spacecraft recently revealed details of Pluto's surface for the first time as it sped by this dwarf planet after a near decade-long journey. Learning more about Pluto has captured public's attention because it is considered the fossil remnant of the beginning of our solar system, may help explain the origin of the Earth, and of course answer the larger question -- whether life could or does it exist elsewhere.

Exploring mysteries of space such as the beginning of universe, existence of life on other planets, movements and activities of celestial bodies is fundamental to the human spirit, and the discoveries like this create interest not only among the people involved in scientific research but among common men as well. It further motivates young minds to pursue education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields and ignites general excitement to still make big discoveries.

Wind and Solar Power Homes
Ecocapsule, which calls itself the first truly independent micro–home, is a new tiny smart home powered entirely by the sun and the wind. It can serve as your beachfront cottage, stylish mountaineering tent, or modern day yurt. You can take it just about anywhere.

As with most smart homes, it is abound with many clever features. The capsule has membrane water filters installed into its upper surface, which removes bacteria from rainwater before funnelling it to a designated tank beneath the floor. The walls are padded with high performance thermal insulation to help reduce energy requirements and maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

The design of Ecocapsule is simple, modern, and elegant–pretty much what you'd expect for future living habitats on the Moon or Mars.

Soon Your Cracked Smartphone Screen Will Be Able To Repair Itself
Self–healing technology originally developed for aircraft wings could be used in smartphones to enable them to repair themselves if the screen gets cracked. Similar to the broken smartphone displays, this innovative technology could be used to repair numerous other objects such as car windshields, bike helmets, computer screens, etc.

Developed by a team at the University of Bristol, this technology has taken three years to perfect and the technology will be available to consumers in near future. Made from a concoction of different carbon–based chemicals, the new substance contains tiny microspheres. When a component made of this substance is broken, a liquid is released that moves into the newly formed gaps. As a result, a chemical reaction causes the substance to harden, effectively filling and fixing the cracks.

New Horizons' Hi-Resolution Images Reveal Geologically Active Pluto
The New Horizons' latest images surprised scientists by revealing Pluto mountains which are 11,000 feet high and relatively young at just 100 million years old. These images are the very first high resolution images of Pluto and the clearest images so far.

The CBS Evening broadcast that the mission is amazing. The cost of this mission has raised eyebrows among some, but principal investigator Alan Stern said that it is well–worth the money spent. New Horizons will be sending back data for years to come. The Pluto's total absence of impact craters is astonishing scientists, indicating that it may even be geologically active today with an internal heat source. John Spencer of the Southwest Research Institute said that these findings may be a game–changer for how researchers view the Kuiper belt.

  • TIET has teamed up with Leighton India Contractors Pvt. Ltd for exploring scope of BIM using Autodesk Revit Platform. Leighton India Contractors Pvt. Ltd is a part of Leighton Holdings Group, which is a leading construction company of Australia.

  • TIET initiated dialogue with various training centres for PAN India strategic alliances.

  • Sudhir Power Limited, an industry leader in the field of setting up diesel–based Captive Power Plants, tied up with TIET for providing training on Creo Parametric to their technical team.

  • TIET has started offering consulting services to industries located in West Delhi.

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