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Nov 2014
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  • Land Surveying: The Importance
  • 123D Catch: Converting 2D Image into 3D Model
  • WiTricity: Transmission of Electricity without Wires
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The landing of a man-made object Philae on a comet known as Comet 67P for the first time has once again proved human curiosity to explore the space and thus to explore how life possibly started on Earth or anywhere else if it exists. Comets are considered to have been a possible delivery mechanism for water to the Earth, along with organic material that could have provided the building blocks for proteins and possibly the life.

From the realms of science fiction to science fact, Philae, part of Rosetta mission, succeeded in landing on a high-speed moving comet after a decade long journey of 6.4 billion miles. This rendezvous with a comet of a man-made Lander is a milestone in the history of science, would be memorized as a unique example of scientific excellence, and begin a new era of technological advancements.

Land Surveying: The Importance
Land surveying is a necessary step to be taken in every project including building construction, house renovation, or any other construction project. Having your land property surveyed helps establish property boundaries, an important thing all homeowners should be aware of.

This is especially important in cases like installing fencing or a pool. If your project goes past your own property lines, you can face both legal and construction issues. These usually result in having to tear down and completely rebuild your project, which is far costlier than surveying the property and building just once.

According to an article published in New York Post recently about a building in the Hamptons, the construction work was halted because it was discovered that the house was built too far from the curb, leaving too little space for the pool and backyard.

The mistake not only required the house to be torn down and rebuilt from the scratch, but it also cost the owner more than $100,000 and six weeks extra time for construction.

123D Catch: Converting 2D Image into 3D Model
123D Catch is a revolutionary app developed by Autodesk that enables you to convert any ordinary photo into an extraordinary realistic looking 3D model.

This free app is available for Android devices, iPhone & iPad, and PC. A Web app version is also available. 123D Catch also allows you to share the models with your friends and print a model using 3D printing technology.

For downloading app, tutorials, and more information, visit the following link:


WiTricity: Transmission of Electricity without Wires
Imagine a building with no wire fittings for electric supply, yet all lights of the building illuminating in usual manner! Isn't it surprising?

In this mechanism, electrical energy at the power source is converted to magnetic energy and then transmitted to the desired point where the electrical load reconverts magnetic waves into electricity by inducing current or electricity. This system will be particularly useful where interconnecting wires are inconvenient, hazardous, or impossible to mount. A few months back a company WiTricity experimented it in a house. They also demonstrated the ability to power laptops, cell-phones, and TVs by attaching resonator coils to batteries -- and an electric car refueler is reportedly in the works.


  • TIET has joined hands with Louis Berger Group for developing their in-house team to handle/monitor their projects through project management softwares.
  • TIET has successfully provided training on 3ds Max and Photoshop to Cheil India, an in-house advertising agency of SAMSUNG.
  • TIET has introduced special scholarship programs for girls.

  • TIET has recently started developing physical and cultural features of J&K region, using GIS software for TVA STAR (P) LTD

TIET Events
  • TIET has organized a career awareness program "Emerging Trends in Civil and Mechanical Engineering" in Govt. Polytechnic College, Manesar.

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