Financial Requirements and Incentives for Partners

TIET's unique Training Partner Program is based on the royalty system. The major advantage of the royalty based system is that TIET will get paid according to revenues that the partner makes. Therefore TIET has vested interest in your success and we will leave no stone unturned to see you succeed in your venture. Our success lies in your success and we will work with you at every step to make it a successful partnership. It is our commitment and our promise to you! The royalty rate is 10 percent of the gross yearly revenue, subjected to a minimum of 2 lacs.

For New Training Partners
TIET has reserved about 1 Crore (INR1,00,00,000) startup funding for entrepreneurs who want to start TIET Training Centers in their region. The funding will consist of 1.5 lac cash advance in the form of Autodesk software, free eBooks, and free training during the first year. After first year, like other TIET centers, you will pay TIET 10 percent of your gross revenues, subjected to a minimum of 2 lacs per year.

For Existing Training Centers
TIET will provide you free of cost faculty training, marketing and operational support as part of our standard training partner program. TIET will also provide you free Autodesk software. We are negotiating special pricing for all non-Autodesk software packages and we will inform you about the pricing when we reach a deal with such companies. You will pay TIET 10 percent of your gross revenue, subjected to a minimum of 2 lacs per year.

Example, if you are training 500 students annually and the average fee is INR 7500/student, you will generate INR 37, 50,000 in revenues. Let us say you will pay 10% (INR 3, 75,000) to TIET. In return you will get free Autodesk software (1.5 Lacs), free faculty training for up to 5 faculty members (50,000/year), and free training to your marketing and management team (30,000/year). TIET will also promote your training center in your region and nationally.

For Existing Partners running other Franchise programs
If you are already participating in any other training partner program, you can transfer your existing franchise agreement to TIET. We will honor the terms and conditions as they exist in your existing franchise agreement for one year. After first year, you will receive the benefits as mentioned above under “For Existing Training Centers”. Additionally TIET will pay you INR 25,000, at the end of the first year, to compensate you for the expenses that you will incur in transferring the contract to TIET. (This amount can be used for preparing new marketing material, signboards, etc.)

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