The Peoples University (TPU)

We believe that getting good education is the fundamental right of every Indian student, irrespective of their gender, ethnicity, or financial status. The mission of the "The Peoples University" is to bring the education to all and therefore the admission to TPU is guaranteed as long as the student meets the guidelines as set by the University. The university is being established by Prof. Sham Tickoo of Purdue University, USA and his team of 40 professionals in India. For more information, please visit and
In the first phase, starting in 2017, we will be accepting students in the certificate program in Emerging Technologies and Interior Design (The list of the programs is given in Appendix-A). In the second phase, starting in 2018, we will offer degree programs in Information Technology and Computer Science, followed by other programs as mentioned below:
  • August 2017--Certificate Program in CAD/CAM, Civil/GIS, Animation, Interior Design
  • August 2018--Degree Program in Information Technology and Computer Science
  • August 2019--Degree Program in Engineering and Management
  • August 2020--Establish The Peoples University
  • August 2021--Degree Program in Liberal Arts, Law, Post Graduate and PhD programs in various disciplines
  • August 2025—School of Medicine (Cardiology)

Features of "The Peoples University"
  • TPU is a nonprofit educational institution that is dedicated to providing quality education in India with emphasis on the skills development and innovation.
  • Provide holistic education based on the philosophy of enriching the human mind, body, and spirit with highest regard for the Guru, "The Teacher".
  • Values education and ethics
  • Skills development will be an important part of every course. In addition to skills development, learning real world applications, case studies, use of new and emerging technologies will constitute about 50 percent of every course.
  • Entrepreneurship program to promote and teach entrepreneurship skills
  • Incubator program to help the aspiring entrepreneurs to set up their own businesses
  • Student Enterprise Center where students will participate in developing new products and services and then launch them on a regional and/or national level
  • Faculty and student research and development center
  • Establish center of excellence in Green Technologies
  • Extracurricular activities will be an integral part of the education system
  • Faculty and student exchange programs with internationally recognized universities
  • Collaborations with industries for student training and internships
  • Industry advisory committees
  • Establish training programs on 3D visualization, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), robotics, 3D printing, green energies, radio frequency identification (RFID), nanotechnologies, cyber security, cloud computing, etc.
  • Programs to imbibe culture of social responsibility among students
  • Learning lifelong skills; a process of continuous learning of skills and knowledge
Saving for Education
You can start saving for education of your child as early as age one. When you enroll in the TPU program, we will open a bank account in your name where you can deposit the money. You and TPU will be the joint custodian of the account. The money can be withdrawn by the university only when the student joins the university. If your child does not join the university, you can withdraw the accumulated amount with interest after receiving the release letter from the university.
Let us assume that from age of 1, you save Rs2000/month for your child’s educations. In 12 months (one year), you would have saved Rs24000 and over 19 years, it will be 4,56,000. With 5 percent interest, this amount will grow to about 7,60,124; enough to pay the college tuition.

Amt. Paid With Compounded Interest
Per Month Per Year Age 19 Total at 19
Starting Age 1 2000 24000 456000 760124

Starting Age 5 3150 37800 529200 766128

Starting Age 10 5600 67200 604800 764247

Starting Age 15 14400 172800 691200 766262
Interest rate: 5%

Admission Procedure
This section explains the admission procedure to The Peoples University
  • When the student reached the age of 18/19, he/she will be eligible for admission to TPU.
  • Students will take the placement examination when they joins the university.
  • If the student scores a minimum of 70 percent, he/she will be admitted to the regular program that the student has chosen.
  • If the student does not score 70 percent, he/she will be admitted in the remedial program that will help the student to learn the subject matter where the student has deficiencies. This program can stretch from 1-2 years, depending on the student’s score. If the student does not get 70 percent after two tries, they will be admitted in the Vocational Technical Program where they will learn the skills needed in the industry. However, if the student does not want to join this program, the balance amount will be returned to student or his/her family with interest.
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