One Year Post Graduate Certificate Program (PGCP)in Building Design and Project Management

The rapid change in technology is one of the biggest factors impacting the construction industry lately. The increase in advanced equipment and computational programs has revolutionized the way we work. Gone are the days when everything was calculated manually. The cost and amount of materials we need is now calculated by computers. Earlier if one detail was changed, it used to take hours of re-work to reflect that change in other documents/drawings. Whereasthese days everything is recalculated automatically byjust a simple click of a button. Another major factor affecting the construction industry are the skills required for the task completion. The skills required earlier were more manual based, although this is still true, some level of technology based skills and knowledge have become mandatory now. One more factor affecting the change in the construction industry is “Demand”. There is much more demand for bespoke projects now. Most projects today are time bounded and have higher challenges in constructability and design.

Keeping in view the changing trends in the building design and construction management, TIET has designed One Year Post Graduate Certificate Program (PGCP) in Building Design and Project Management. This programis designed for those students who wish to develophigh flying careers in the construction industry and to become future leaders of technology.

On completion of this program, students will understand the use and application of latest software tools that are used in the construction industry. Students will also understand the use and application of various Building Design Codes and practices that are used in the building construction process.

This program has been designed and developed by Tickoo Institute of Emerging Technologies (TIET), in collaboration with CADCIM Technologies, USA.CADCIM is one of the leading providers of quality textbooks on software related to CAD/CAM/CAE, Animation/VFX, Computer Programming, and Civil/GIS. Incepted under the leadership of Prof. Sham Tickoo, Purdue University, USA, TIET focuses on imparting quality education on new generation technologies.
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