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Product development is the process of designing, creating, and marketing new products or services to benefit customers. Sometimes referred to as new product development, the discipline is focused on developing systematic methods for guiding all the processes involved in getting a new product to the market.

TIET/CADCIM Technologies provides services for product development to cater to the needs of end-users with the information regarding the products developed and their application in the industries.

Products Developed by CADCIM Technologies
Adjusting Cargo Organizer for Vehicles from CADCIM Technologies
While a vehicle carries cargo, it is generally placed in its trunk or cargo area. If the trunk space is not full, the cargo will shift in transit, thereby spilling cargo in the trunk. To prevent such incidences, CADCIM Technologies has developed a unique product “Adjusting Cargo Organizer”.

The function of "Adjusting Cargo Organizer" is to maintain the cargo, or the like, in position even when subjected to sudden movements caused during transit of the vehicle in which the cargo is transported.

The device provides a mechanism that allows the organizer to be adjusted and snug fit in the opening available in the trunk of a vehicle. The dividers in the device are adjustable that allow the users to customize the space in the organizer. It is economical, convenient, stable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

Adjusting Cargo Organizer consists of two U-Shaped telescopic steel tubes that slide along the length of the frame. Four U-Bolts provide the depth and hold the frame above the surface. The centre support can be adjusted anywhere along the length of the frame.
Wind Turbine from CADCIM Technologies
CADCIM Technologies has come up with a new invention. The field of invention is related to wind turbines that use the wind to create energy. The primary application of this invention will be in charging the batteries of an automobile when it is in motion. The batteries thus charged can be used to run the vehicle and its accessories.

When the car travels, especially at moderate to high speed, the wind will enter the turbine with high kinetic energy from the front in the horizontal direction and strike the blades of the wind turbine. This will make the blades rotate at high RPM. In this device, the blades are mounted on the rotor coupled with the generator/alternator through a shaft. The power thus generated will charge the batteries.

Wind Turbine has numerous advantages over a conventional turbine. This has been made possible by designing the mechanisms that deflect the wind in the desired area of the turbine and over a larger angle. Also, the drag component of the wind force is drastically reduced and the design maximizes the utilization of the wind.

Coming Soon
TIET/CADCIM Technologies is soon coming up with a new Innovative weight wearing cargo product.

Weight bearing cargo for masons
Weight bearing cargo is generally placed on the shoulder of a man. If a person carries load on his head, this cargo will shift or transfer the load to his shoulders through the belts attached to the structure. Therefore the major function of our innovative product, Weight Bearing Cargo, is to maintain the load and then transfer it to the shoulders of the person, instead of his head. In this way, we can not only increase the work efficiency of the person but at the same time, it is useful for safety purposes. This product primarily consists of two components: structure and belts. As all parts of this product are stationary so it is quite easy to use. Moreover, it is economical, convenient, stable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.
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