CG Asset Creation (Max)-Specialization (Prerequisite: Foundation Courses)

Delivery Mode: 5 days in a week/2 hrs. per day.
Course Description:This specialization course focuses on high quality 3D modeling(character, architectural and product), texturing, and rendering in Vray. The powerful features of the Mudbox and ZBrush digital sculpting and painting program are also covered in this course.

Industry:Production studios, film production companies, TV channels, TV production houses, Gaming, and advertisement design agencies.

Career Option:Modeler, CG Artist
 Unit 1-Anatomy/Digital Sculpting (Mudbox) (Duration - 3 weeks)
This course module will guide students through the process of creating digital sculptures and models using Autodesk Mudbox. Autodesk Mudbox is a 3D tool that will enable students to create realistic models that can be used in movies and games.

 Unit 2-Architectural Modeling (Duration - 4 week)
This course module is designed for students seeking to acquire 3D computer visualization skills using 3ds Max. The course focuses on creating architectural models, interior models, and 3d walk-through with advanced camera animation techniques.

 Unit 3-Vray Lighting/Rendering (Duration - 4 weeks)
In this course module, students will learn about the different concepts and attributes related to Vray lighting and rendering in 3ds Max. The techniques used in this module will help students in creating realistic outputs.

 Unit 4-Advanced Character Modeling (Duration - 8 weeks)
In this course module, students will learn about the technique of modeling high detail characters in 3ds Max. The students will learn the procedure of creating both low poly and high poly characters that can be used in games and movies.

 Unit 5-Advanced UV mapping techniques (Duration - 3 weeks)
This course module emphasizes on creating realistic textures for different models. In this module, students will be exposed to different types of UV mapping.

 Unit 6-Digital Sculpting (Zbrush) (Duration - 2 week)
In this course module, students will be introduced to Pixlogic ZBrush, a 3D modeling and sculpting software used to create high resolution models. The models created in ZBrush can be used in animated movies, games, and illustrations.

 Unit 7-Portfolio Development (Duration - 2 week)
Based on the field of interest, the students will develop a show reel in Max at the end of the course.

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