Sheet Metal Layout Software

Sheet Metal Layout Software

SMLayout addresses the needs of sheet metal fabricators and manufacturers of sheet metal products to generate flat layout of some complicated geometric shapes. Written in AutoLISP, SMLayout can develop flat layout of cones, cylinders, elbows, rectangular boxes, transitions, cone-cylinder intersections, sphere-cylinder intersections, cylinder-cylinder intersections, and various shapes of Tank-Heads. The programs have a dimensioning option that will automatically dimension the flat layout. When you run a program, the user is prompted to enter information about the part geometry, and then the program automatically generates the flat layout on the computer screen. A detailed explanation of the part geometry and the input parameters is contained in this manual. SMLayout is easy to use and the programs do not need any 2D or 3D drawings. The layout contains intelligent vector information that can be down loaded to a CNC machine through a CAD/CAM interface.

SMLayout LT

SMLayout LT is just like SMLayout. The only difference is that SMLayout LT contains some basic programs (12 programs) whereas SMLayout contains all programs (37 programs).

Download Demo Programs

(Download demo programs. The programs are written in AutoLISP programming language that work with any release of AutoCAD. Since the programs are coded, when you open these files they will appear as one line on the screen. That is OK, just save the files and then load the programs like any AutoLISP program.)

Download Instruction Manual

[Download complete instruction manual].