Student Interview

Student Interview

  • Mona Sikka is an abstract art painting artist based in Gurgaon. Abstract painting was her hobby that later she converted into a full time professional career. She joined TIET to learn Photoshop so that she can take advantage of the great tool sets offered by this software and enhance the beauty of her abstract art. She has a website, Mona Abstract Art ( from where the visitors can buy beautiful paintings of their choice. This website was developed by the TIET's consulting team.

    Hi Mona, thanks for sharing your time to answer our questions. From where did you learn the basics of painting?

    From the Collage of Art, Gurgaon.

    What made you interested in this field?

    Personally, expressing myself through the medium of colors has always been a very enriching experience.

    What skills are needed to become a successful artist?

    I think art has more to do with self-expression, developing your own style and enjoying yourself thoroughly in the process. There is no specific skill set where self-expression exists.

    From where and how do you find your inspiration?

    My inspiration is the Divine – Supreme Being

    In your opinion, what are the qualities of a good painter?

    I believe it is misleading to classify people as good, bad or average. Everyone develops their own individual style and method of self-expression. Art is highly subjective.

    When did you realize that you want to study graphic designing?

    After my Diploma course with The Collage of Art.

    What advice do you have for those studying graphic designing?

    Learning is an ongoing process

    How did you find about TIET?


    How was your experience of getting trained at TIET, its faculties, and the training methodology?

    A very friendly faculty which has an excellent in-depth knowledge of graphic designing. They make the whole process of learning very simple and interesting.

    My website was developed by the TIET team. Once I learned my course from the institute, I realized that they were extremely professional and took a lot of interest and pains to ensure that the students are able to learn and extract the maximum benefits out of their offerings. The faculty behaved very professionally and were able to connect very well with me. Hence I felt that my requirements and expectations were in safe hands.

    What are your future plans?

    There is no end to self-expression. I will continue to share and spread my joy with others. Thanks for your time and the TIET team wishes you all the best for your future endeavors.