CG Animation (Maya)-Specialization (Prerequisite: Foundation Courses)

Delivery Mode: 5 days in a week/2 hrs. per day.
Course Description:The course focuses on making short punchy pieces of work which may range from commercials to works of individual expression. Short films can be made as part of the final major project.

Industry:Production studios, film production companies, TV channels, TV production houses, Gaming, and advertisement design agencies.

Career Option:Animator
 Unit 1-Advanced Rigging (Duration - 4 weeks)
This course module will enable students to rig characters in Maya. In this module, a step-by-step approach will be adopted to help students in constructing a rig that is easy to animate. All the concepts related to rigging in Maya will be covered in detail.

 Unit 2-Principles of Animation (Duration - 4 week)
The main focus of this course module will be on understanding different principles of animation and their practical applications. The topics covered in this module are very important as they help students in understanding the basic concepts and workflow involved in character animation.

 Unit 3-Character Animation (Walk, Jump, Run, Push, Pull, Body Mechanism) (Duration - 6 weeks)
In this course module, students will create different types of animations based on the principles of animation. The process of animating characters will involve posing the characters and making them move.

 Unit 4-Acting Workshops (Duration - 2 weeks)
This course module will involve workshops in which students will learn how to enact the character they want to animate. In this process, they will understand the coordination between expressions, emotions and physical actions.

 Unit 5-Facial Expressions (Duration - 4 weeks)
The course module will help the students in understanding the basic principles of facial expressions and their relation with the body movement. Additionally, the students will learn about different blend shapes and lip sync animation.

 Unit 6-Portfolio Development (Duration - 4 week)
Based on the field of interest, the students will develop a show reel in Maya at the end of the course.

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