ArcGIS Training

Arc GIS Training

ArcGIS Training

Course Information: Online Arc GIS Training

    Duration: 80 Hours


ArcGIS is an integrated suite comprising many GIS applications. Several frameworks of ArcGIS helps to create, compile, manage, analyze different types of database in GIS environment. This course provides the students with the knowledge and skills of using GIS database. Students will learn the concepts and function of ArcGIS software. It covers all the basic concepts, functions, and tools needed to manage small to medium-sized projects.

Course Outline

1. Introduction to ArcGIS
  • The basics of ArcGIS
  • Understand geographic and projected coordinate system
  • Understand georeferencing
    1. Image geo-referencing
    2. Image to image geo-referencing
  • Understand feature inentification
    1. Feature identification
    2. Feature elements
2. Data Management
  • Raster and Vector data management
  • Creating shapefile and geodatabase
  • Creating, storing, and editing shapefile
  • Creating topology and rules
  • Editing a topology
  • Spatial and Attribute query
3. Mapping and Visualization
  • Working with layers
  • Styling, Managing and displaying layers
  • The basic component of map
  • Creating layouts
4. Raster Data Analysis
  • Understanding raster data
  • Slope Map
  • Hillshade analysis
  • DEM generation
5. Vector Data Analysis
  • Understand vector data analysis
  • Working with Levels
    1. Intersect operation
    2. Creating buffer
    3. Clip operation
    4. Union operation
6. Geo-Statistical Analysis Techniques
  • Understand spatial analysis
  • Understand spatial interpolation
    1. Global
    2. Local
    3. Kriging/ IDW
  • Network analysis