AutoCAD MAP 3D Training

AutoCAD MAP 3D Training

AutoCAD MAP 3D Training

Course Information: AutoCAD MAP 3D Training - Online

    Duration: 20 Hours


This course is specially meant for professionals and students of GIS, Urban Planning, Civil Engineering, Cartography and CAD professionals who are associated with planning, designing, and data management. In this course Special emphasis has been laid to explain new concepts, procedures, and methods in GIS by using sufficient example to the real world projects, help you understand the usage and abilities of the tools available in AutoCAD Map 3D .

Course Outline

1. Introducing Autodesk AutoCAD Map3D
  • Basics of AutoCAD Map 3D
  • Geopatial Analysis
  • Layer
  • Introducing AutoCAD Map3D and GUI
  • Workspace
  • AutoCAD Civil 3D Interface
2. Getting Started with AutoCAD Map 3D
  • Starting a New Drawing
  • Opening an Existing File
  • Adding Data to Project
  • Working with Grips
  • Data Output Methods
  • Sheet Sets
3. Working with Basic Tools and Coordinate Systems
  • Navigation Tools
  • Snap Function
  • Coordinate Reference Functions
  • User Coordinate Systems
4. Working with Feature Data
  • Inserting and Correlating Raster Image
  • Feature Data
  • Creating Feature Data Store
  • Creating a Feature Data
5. Styling and Querying Feature Data
  • Thematic Layer
  • Styling the Feature Data
  • Using the Filters to Search the Data
6. Creating Object Data and Attaching External Database
  • Object Data
  • Attaching an External Database
  • Attaching a Drawing File
  • Querying and Attached Drawing
  • Editing an Object in an Attached Drawing
  • Setting Users right for Drawing
7. Classifying Objects
  • Classifying Drawing Objects
  • Working with Classified Objects
  • Displaying and Sharing the Metadata
8. Removing Digitization Errors and Working with Topologies
  • Drawing Cleanups
  • Topology
  • Sliver Polygons
  • Topology Queries
9. Data Analysis
  • Object Data Analysis
  • Feature Data Analysis
  • Topological Data Analysis
10. Working with Different Types of Data
  • Point Cloud Data
  • Viewing and Analyzing 3D Surface
  • Attribute Data
  • Industry Model
  • Working with Live Maps
  • Attribute Data
11. Creating a Map Book
  • Map Editing Tools
  • Map Layout and Map Elements
12. Project
  • Site Sustainibilty Studies