Autodesk Navisworks Training

Autodesk Navisworks Training

Autodesk Navisworks Training

Course Information: Online Autodesk Navisworks Training

    Duration: 30 Hours


Navisworks® is a project review software which enables architecture, engineers, and construction professionals to review integrated models and data with stakeholders to gain better control over project outcomes. This course will help you understand BIM specific usage, navigation options, review methods, clash detections, quantification, takeoff methods, and rendering of Autodesk Navisworks.

Course Outline

1. Introduction to Navisworks
  • Introduction to Navisworks
  • Basic Features of Navisworks Manage
  • The Interface
  • Shortcut Keys
  • Navisworks Workspace
  • Work with BIM 360
2. Navigating in Navisworks
  • Using the Head-Up Display Feature
  • Setting View Orientation
  • The View Cube
  • The Navigation Bar
  • Camera View
  • Reference Views
3. Selecting, Controlling and Reviewing Objects
  • Using Object Selection Methods
  • Saving Selections
  • Object Properties
  • Linking Object Databases to Objects
  • Using Measuring Tools
  • Working with Direct Constraint for Measurements
  • Tags and Comments
  • Controlling the appearance of the Model
  • Profiler Window
4. Viewpoints and Animations
  • Working with Viewpoints
  • Sectioning in Navisworks
  • Animation in Navisworks
5. Working with Timeliner
  • Introduction to Timeliner
  • Playing Simulation
  • Exporting Animation from the Timeliner
  • Adding Animation to Timeliner
6. Working with Animator and Scripter
  • Working with the Animator window
  • Creating Object Animation
  • Editing Keyframes
  • Working with the Scripter window
7. Quantification
  • Understanding Quantification
  • Work with the Quantification Workbook Window
  • Takeoff Methods
8. Clash Detection
  • Working with the Clash Detection Window
  • Managing Clash Tests
  • Link Clash Tests with the Timeliner and Object Animation
  • Customizing Clash Detection Window
9. Rendering in Navisworks
  • The Autodesk Rendering Window
  • Rendering Using Autodesk Graphics
  • Rendering in Autodesk 360