STAAD Pro Training

STAAD Pro Training

STAAD Pro Training

Course Information

  • Duration20 Hours(Online)


This course covers the basics of STAAD.Pro, with an insight on the use of conceptual design tool. The main emphasis in this course is laid on structural modeling and analyses. You will be introduced to the modeling techniques, structural loads, supports, properties, and concepts of analyses as they relates to the structural stability.

Course Outline

1. Starting with STAAD.Pro
  • Introduction to STAAD.Pro
  • Understanding the UI of STAAD.Pro
  • Understanding Shortcut Keys
  • Understanding Concepts and Principles
  • Learning Coordinate Systems
2. Working with Geometry Tools
  • Generating GRID and Floor Plans
3. Model Optimization
  • Creating and Assigning Material Constants
  • Creating and Assigning Properties
  • Creating and Assigning Node, Beam and Plate Specifications
4. Structural Loads
  • Creating Primary Load Cases
  • Defining Seismic Loads
  • Defining Wind Loads
  • Defining Moving Loads
  • Creating Load Combinations
  • Creating Auto Load Combinations
5. Reviewing Structures
  • Understanding the Structural Analysis Methods
  • Analysis Commands
  • Performing Analysis
  • Viewing Results
  • Exploring STAAD.Pro Output File
  • SFD, BMD, Deflections
6. Designing Structures
  • Creating the Concrete Design
  • Creating the Beam and Column Design as per IS 456/13920
  • Creating the Steel Design as per IS 800
7. Additional Designing of Structural Elements
  • Designing one-way and two-way Slabs
  • Designing of Isolated and Combined Footings
8. Projects
  • Modeling the Structural Geometry
  • Assigning Supports
  • Assigning Properties
  • Assigning Loads
  • Analyzing the Structural Geometry
  • Designing the Structural Elements
  • Creating Report
9. Reviewing IS Codes
  • Introduction to IS 456, IS 800, IS 875, IS 1893