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ANSYS Workbench Training

ANSYS Workbench Training

ANSYS Workbench Training

Course Information

  • Course Duration 45 Hours(Online/Offline)


This course is designed to help students and practicing designers learn Finite Element Modeling and Analysis using ANSYS Workbench software. ANSYS Workbench is a Computer-Aided Finite Element Modeling and FE Analysis tool. In the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of ANSYS Workbench, the user can generate any dimensional (1D, 2D, and 3D) and FE models, perform analysis, and generate results of the analysis. This Channel covers the basics of FEA concepts, modeling, and the analysis of engineering problems using ANSYS Workbench.

Course Outline

1. Basics of CAE, FEA & Terminology used in it
  • Introduction to the FEA
  • General Steps in FEA
  • Types of Analysis
2. ANSYS Workbench Engineering Material Library
  • Add & Assign new Material to Geometry
  • Specifying Properties
  • Linear, Non-linear Material Properties
  • Import and Export Materials
3. ANSYS Workbench Design Modeler
  • Modeling of 1D, 2D & 3D Bodies
  • Geometry Simplification, Editing, Repair
  • Convert Sketches to Lines and Surfaces
4. ANSYS Workbench Meshing
  • Global & Local Meshing Controls
  • 3D, 2D & 1D Meshing Methods
  • Face & Edge Meshing, Body & Edge Sizing
  • Infiltration
5. ANSYS Workbench Pre-processing
  • Insert Symmetry, Spring, Rigid Element, Point Mass etc.
  • Contact Tool
  • Named Selections & Coordinate System
  • Selection Information
  • Loading & Boundary Condition
6. Static/Transient Structural Analysis
  • Basics of Static/Transient Structural Analysis
  • Loads & Supports
  • 3D, 2D & 1D Static Structural Analysis (Bar, Beam, Frame, Truss)
  • Axisymmetric Analysis
  • Transient Analysis of Bridge
  • Coupled Analysis of Beam
7. Dynamic Analysis
  • Basics of Dynamic Analysis
  • Analysis Settings & Boundary Conditions
  • Cantilever Beam & Car Body Modal Analysis
  • Harmonic Analysis Base Frame
  • Harmonic Analysis of Vibrating Screen
8. Thermal Analysis
  • Basics of Static/Transient Thermal Analysis
  • Analysis Settings & Boundary Conditions
  • Static Thermal Analysis of Composite wall, Fines, Heat, and Sink
  • Transient Analysis of Disc Brake
  • Coupled Analysis of any Mechanical Components
9. Buckling & Fatigue Analysis
  • Introduction to Eigenvalue Buckling & Fatigue Analysis
  • Analysis Settings & Boundary Conditions
  • Buckling Analysis of Beam with different Support Conditions
  • Fatigue Analysis of a plate with 3-holes and Pipe
10. Introduction to CFD
  • Introduction to CFD
  • Assumptions in Analysis
  • Create the Computational Mesh
  • Internal Flow Analysis Using ANSYS Fluent
  • External Flow Analysis Using ANSYS Fluent

Student Reviews

  • Akash Kaushal

    Posted on 26th May, 2022

    It's good to learn basic Ansys at TIET. Training was excellent with good industry friendly content and very nice supporting staff. My trainer was motivating and inspired me to move forward at every step.