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AutoCAD Training

AutoCAD Training

AutoCAD Training

Course Information

  • Duration30 Hours(Online/Offline)


This course is designed to help students learn drafting using Autodesk AutoCAD software. Autodesk AutoCAD is a CAD and drafting software used widely in industries with a requirement to design and drafting. It offers a comprehensive toolset that enables designers to transfer their ideas into reality. In this course, the students will get in-depth knowledge of all important tools as well as their real world applications. In addition students will be assigned a team project of their choice for better understanding of design intent and will also be required to make a portfolio of the work done.

Course Outline

1. User Interface and Basics of AutoCAD
  • Introduction to AutoCAD and its Applications
  • User Interface in AutoCAD
  • Getting Familiar with Different Workspaces
2. Setting Up a Drawing
  • Starting a New File in AutoCAD
  • Opening an Existing File
  • Setting Units and Limits
  • Setting Grid and Snaps
  • Using Drafting Settings Dialog Box
3. Creating and Editing Sketches
  • Working with Drawing Tools
  • Using Drawing Tools to Create Sketches
  • Working with Modify Tools
  • Using Modify Tools to Edit Sketches
  • Using Zoom Tools
  • Practice Drawings
4. Working with Object Properties
  • Invoking the Properties Palatte
  • Collecting Information About the Drawn Entities
  • Working with Line Types
  • Adding Line Weights
  • Adding Color to Entities
5. Working with Layers
  • Invoking the Layers Property Manager
  • Creating New Layers
  • Assigning Properties to a Layer
  • Drawing Entities on a Layer
  • Adding Drawn Objects to a Layer
  • Deleting a Layer
  • Changing Layer of an Entity using the Properties Palette
6. Working with Blocks and Adding Attributes
  • Invoking Blocks Palatte
  • Creating Blocks
  • Editing Blocks
  • Inserting Blocks
  • Working with Design Center
  • Inserting Blocks using Design Center
  • Working with Attributes
  • Adding Attributes to Blocks
7. Adding Text, Hatch, and Dimensions to a Drawing
  • Writing Single Line Text
  • Writing Multi Line Text
  • Creating Hatches in Drawings
  • Adding Dimensions to a Drawing
  • Introduction to Dimension Styles
8. Working with Layouts of Paper Spaces
  • Understanding the Use of Paper Space
  • Setting Up a Layout
  • Working with Page Setups
9. Plotting Drawings
  • Working with Plot Dialog Box
  • Setting up Plot Parameters
  • Plotting Drawings in PDF, EPS, and other formats

Batch Schedule

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06-02-2023 AutoCAD Online Regular Batch (Mon-Fri) / Weekend Batch (Sat-Sun)
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13-02-2023 AutoCAD Online Regular Batch (Mon-Fri) / Weekend Batch (Sat-Sun)
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Student Reviews

  • Khushaal Chaudhary

    Posted on 27th May, 2022

    TIET Academy is very reliable for AutoCAD courses. They are giving such a good hands-on training. They especially provide project oriented training. Their way of teaching is really admirable.

  • Amit Kumar

    Posted on 27th May, 2022

    Enrolled for AutoCAD and Solidworks in TIET (Gurgaon). Tutors are very creative and innovative. Special Thanks to Mr. Ipshit Sir and Mr. Abhinav Sir for guiding in software. Best institute in Delhi NCR. I am from a Computer Science background, but with the support of my renowned tutors I have learned the software very quickly.