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Autodesk Alias Design Training

Autodesk Alias Design Training

Autodesk Alias Design Training

Course Information: Online Autodesk Alias Design Training

    Duration: 40 Hours(Online/Offline)


This course is designed to help students learn alias modeling using Alias Design software. Autodesk Alias is a powerful surfacing and designing software used widely in industries with a requirement to design and style. It offers a comprehensive toolset that enables designers to transfer their ideas into reality. In this course, the students will get in-depth knowledge of all important tools as well as their real world applications. In addition, students will be assigned a team project of their choice for better understanding of design intent and will also be required to make a portfolio of the work done.

Course Outline

1. User Interface and Basics of AutoCAD Alias Design
  • Introduction to Alias
  • Basic terms used in Alias Design
  • Representation of Curves
  • Representation of Surfaces
  • The Alias Interface
  • History View
  • Windows Layouts
  • Marking Menus
  • Viewing Panels
  • ViewCube
  • Workflows in Alias
  • Understanding Symbols in Menu, Palette, and Shelves Window
  • Hot Keys
  • Creating Customized Schemes
  • Object Lister Window
  • Different States of Node
2. Working with Basic Tools
  • Introduction to Basic tools
  • Selecting Tools
  • Methods of Creating Objects
  • Creating Keypoint Curves
  • Features of a Curve
  • Creating Curves
  • Creating Primitives
  • Pick Tools
  • Transform Tools
  • Shading Objects in View Windows
3. Working With Surfaces
  • Creating Surfaces
  • Editing Features
  • Editing Keypoint Curves
  • Construction Objects
  • Working with Layers
  • Controlling the Display of Objects
  • Controlling the Visibility of Objects
  • Secondary Surfaces
  • Creating a Fillet Surface
  • Creating a Freeform Blend Surface
  • Creating a Profile Blend Surface
  • Modifying the Objects Proportionally
  • Moving the CVs Normally
4. Editing Surfaces
  • Generating Curves-on-Surface
  • Duplicating Objects
5. Advanced Surface Modelling Tools
  • Advanced Surfaces
  • Creating a Rail Surface
  • Creating a Square Surface
  • Creating N-Sided Surfaces
  • Creating Multi-Surface Drafts
  • Transforming the CVs and Hulls
  • Advanced Modelling
  • Refining the Edges of Surfaces
6. Editing Tools
  • Editing Curves
  • Modifying a Curve
  • Breaking Curves
  • Sectioning a Group of Curves
  • Editing Objects
  • Attaching Objects
  • Detaching an Object
  • Inserting Edit Points into an Object
  • Extending an Object
  • Offsetting Objects
  • Setting the Surface Orientation
  • Unifying the Normals of Surfaces
7. Advanced Modelling and Editing Tools
  • Dynamic Shape Modelling
  • Dynamic Shape Modelling Tools
  • Understanding Curve Networks
8. Working with Meshes
  • Creating Meshes
  • Protection on Mesh
  • Mesh Partitioning Operations
  • Defects in Meshes
  • Repairing Meshes

Batch Schedule

Date Course Training Type Batch Register
06-02-2023 Autodesk Alias Online Regular Batch (Mon-Fri) / Weekend Batch (Sat-Sun)
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13-02-2023 Autodesk Alias Online Regular Batch (Mon-Fri) / Weekend Batch (Sat-Sun)
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