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CATIA Training

CATIA Training

CATIA Training

Course Information: Online CATIA V5 Training

    Duration: 30 Hours(Online)


This course is designed to help students learn product design using CATIA, a popular feature-based 3D parametric solid modelling software. In this course, the students will get in-depth knowledge of all important tools as well as their real world applications in conformity with widely accepted ISO standards, GD&T, and standard practices followed in manufacturing processes in industry. In addition, students will be assigned a team project of their choice for better understanding of design intent and will also be required to make a portfolio of the work done.

Course Outline

1. User Interface and Basics of CATIA
  • What is CATIA?
  • Different Workbenches and Initial Settings
  • Important Terms and Definitions
  • Mouse Operations
  • File Types
2. Introduction to Sketching
  • Invoking Sketcher Workbench
  • Starting New Files
  • Drawing Sketches using Profile Toolbar
  • Operation Toolbar
  • Concept of Constrained Sketches
  • Editing and Modifying Sketches
3. Creating Base Feature
  • Basic Modeling
  • Choosing Sketching Plane
  • Extruded Feature
  • Revolved Feature
  • Thin Extruded and Thin Shaft Features
  • Modifying View Orientation
  • Display Modes
  • Assigning Material to a Model
  • Dynamic Section
4. Reference Geometry and Material Removal
  • Creating Reference Planes
  • Creating Reference Lines
  • Creating Reference Points
  • Projecting 3D Elements
5. Dress-Up Features and Material Removal
  • Creating a Fillet and Chamfer
  • Creating a Shell Feature
  • Applying Draft
  • Creating a Pocket Feature
  • Adding Thickness
  • Creating Groove Features and Hole
6. Patterning
  • Why Use Patterns?
  • Rectangular Pattern
  • Circular Pattern
  • Circular Pattern
7. Transformation Features
  • Translate Bodies
  • Rotate Bodies
  • Scaling Models
  • Mirror Features and Bodies
8. Editing
  • Editing Features
  • Changing a Sketch Plane
  • Activating and Deactivating Features
  • Edit using Cut, Copy, & Paste
  • Deleting, Suppressing, and Reordering
9. Advanced Part Modeling
  • Rib Features
  • Slot Features
  • Multi-Section Solid Features
  • Multi-Section Solid Cut Features
10. Assembly Modeling
  • Concept of Assembly
  • Types of Assembly
  • Inserting Components
  • Moving and Rotating Components
  • Bottom-Up Assembly
  • Adding Constraints
  • Checking Clearances
  • Exploded Assemblies
11. Wireframe and Surface Design
  • Creating Wireframe Geometry
  • Creating Extrude Surfaces
  • Creating Revolved Surfaces
  • Creating Multi-sections Surfaces
  • Creating Offset and Swept Surfaces
  • Creating Fill and Blended Surfaces
  • Split, Trim and Join Surfaces
12. Drafting
  • Sheet Formats and Templates
  • Template Properties
  • Defining Title Block
  • Generating Front Views
  • Generating Front Advanced Views
  • Generating Projection Views
  • Generating Auxiliary Views
  • Generating Isometric Views
  • Generating Section Views
  • Generating Alligned Section Views
  • Generating Offset Section cut Views
  • Generating Detail Views
  • Generating Clipping Views
  • Generating Broken Views
  • Generating BOM
  • Edit and Modify Drawing Views
  • Dimensioning Views
  • Applying GD & T Symbols
13. Sheet Metal
  • What are Sheet Metal Parts?
  • Concept of Bend Allowance
  • Creating a Base Wall
  • Creating Wall on Edge
  • Creating Wall by Extrusion
  • Creating Swept Walls
  • Creating Flanges
  • Creating Bends
  • Creating Rolled Walls
  • Creating a Hem Feature
  • Stamping
  • Creating a Flat Pattern
  • Folding and Unfolding Sheet Metal Parts

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13-02-2023 Catia Online Regular Batch (Mon-Fri) / Weekend Batch (Sat-Sun)
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